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James Alexander Bond : New York City Director

"Having now seen over a dozen theatrical productions directed by James Bond, I'm somewhat confused. At first, I thought he was merely an "actor's director" because of the performances pulled out of artists undervalued in our community, and observing their sincere adoration of him. Then I labeled Mr. Bond a "playwright's director" due to the care with which his performers approached and delivered the text. More recently, James struck me as the definitive "teaching director" because of his tutelage of young artists still learning their craft. Alas, I am finally convinced that Mr. Bond defies any singular moniker; quite simply, he does it all, a "James-of-all-trades" if you will, but he is by far the most versatile stage director I have met in 35 years of professional theatre."

~Keith Martin, Emmy Award-winning producer, noted arts advocate, and Distinguished Professor of Theatre at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC


A New York native and Manhattan-based stage director who is more than halfway towards his personal goal of directing all 37 works in the Shakespeare canon, but has been highly-acclaimed for his direction of classical, contemporary, musical, and new plays in numerous historical periods and a variety of theatrical genres.

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Current Production

Here Pussy Puss Puss opens at the Directors Company in NYC on Tuesday January 20th at 2pm and Thursday January 22 at 6pm.

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Upcoming The Addams Family and Godspell at Theatre West.

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