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Meet Manfred. He was a member of the watch in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING this summer. I was not 100% sure how I felt about this choice until the first rehearsal when Dogberry turned to him and said “BEAR you the lantern”. Nobody saw it coming. Collectively everyone froze, eyes widened. Manfred had his place…

How Improv Can Improve Your Teaching

Having been a student, a teacher, a performer, and a fan of Improv, I have been saying this for years. This is a good read.  

MaineStage Shakespeare

MaineStage Shakespeare

MaineStage Shakespeare. A company dear to my heart where I have directed Romeo & Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, and Much Ado About nothing, moments of which you can see in this little YourMagazine clip.

My Phone is Dead

My phone has been dead for over a month. I was unable to get to a SPRINT store in either Maine or New Jersey. Today I planned on spending twenty minutes replacing the battery. Three hours and $150 later I left the store with a new phone, a new two year contract, and a handful…

Busses of Old People at Matinees

I love busses of old people at matinees. I don’t even mind waiting 10 extra minutes for the show to start. Sure, it took them longer to give MILLIE a standing ovation, but considering how long it took them to find their seats before hand and to pee at intermission, that’s to be expected.

Theatre West, Nebraska

Theatre West, Nebraska (where I directed SPAMALOT) just ended their season for the summer. Thanks to all who were a part of that special production. ‘Til next time, always look on the bright side of life!

Best Compliment of the Week

“Through email and when we talked on the phone I could tell you knew your stuff. Then when I met you I thought you were crazy. So I knew you would be a good director.” Angela SteinerMusic Director, SPAMALOT.