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Jerry Bledsoe

On the strength of his resume, James was invited here to direct The Comedy of Errors, one of our two annual professional productions.  Although new to us, he arrived with a strong approach to the text and was able to achieve a notably successful production within the limited but not-inconsiderable resources available.  His work was warmly approved by hard-to-please audiences as well as a diverse company of veterans and students who readily embraced all aspects of his artistic vision.

James is a very pleasant fellow, very well informed about the directorial process as well as the intricacies of the classical text, firm in his interpretation of the play yet flexible in dealing with the realities of production, serious and clear in his convictions and objectives without imposing a tyrannical manner, understanding and helpful to his cast and colleagues but crafty in getting good work from everyone.

He created a highly positive experience for all, including the audience—some of whom told me this production seriously enhanced their enjoyment and appreciation of this play.  In short, James is a sensitive and effective interpreter and collaborator who brings strong intelligence, talent and enthusiasm to his assignments.  Hoping we can invite him to work her again soon, I urge you to give him positive consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Jerry H. Bledsoe
Former Executive Director
Virginia Shakespeare Festival