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Auditioning is a craft. It is important to prepare and develop audition skills, much like you train and develop your artistic ability.

As someone who has been on the other side of the audition table casting hundreds of productions from literally tens of thousands of auditionees, James Bond knows firsthand what makes a potential cast member stand out, which material best showcases his or her particular skill set and, most importantly, how to navigate the somewhat archaic process that lands a desired role.

  • Bring out what is unique about you in an audition piece.
  • Master cold reading and commercial copy confidently.
  • Find the arcs in monologues to show what casting directors need to see.
  • Give them what they need for you to stand out and land the job!
Meg Kelly Smith

Meg Kiley Smith
New Jersey Shakespeare Festival

“James started by suggesting a handful of wonderful, individually matched and rarely used Shakespeare monologues, and then coached me on the pieces to help me deliver them with specificity and sincerity. James worked with me on diction, clarity, thinking and acting on the line. He is also just a ton of fun - I was at ease with him immediately, and ready and excited to get to work!”

Todd Allen Durkin

Todd Allen Durkin
Magic City (TV) Starz Network

"James is an actors director. He is able to steer the actor in an imaginative creative way making the actor feel comfortable and free enough to take risks  while building the character. He supports your process while challenging you to stretch and expand your boundaries outside your comfort zone."

James Rees

James Rees
New York Shakespeare Festival

"When it comes to Shakespeare, no one has matched James' ability to direct me. His mastery of text and his ability to relate to actors is extraordinary. I always feel safe knowing I can call him for whatever help I need."

Liz Blake White

Liz Blake White
Virginia Repertory Theatre

“James is a remarkably thorough acting coach. His attention to detail helps every word, phrase, and action tell a clear story. He is especially adept at identifying an individual actor’s strengths, weaknesses, and habits and using that knowledge to elicit the truest performance possible. Some of my most honest moments onstage have been under James’s direction and they came as a result of a detailed understanding of the motivations and circumstances that I had figured out with him. His vision for a piece is always clear, and he is always able to bring each member of the company along with him.”

Zack Powell

Zack Powell
Utah Shakespeare Festival

“James is an incredible audition coach. He helps you find a specificity and clarity in the text that is exciting and compelling. He always has insightful observations into character and storytelling that comes from years of experience in the professional theatre. I always feel more confident in my work as an actor after a coaching session with James.”