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Busses of Old People at Matinees

I love busses of old people at matinees. I don’t even mind waiting 10 extra minutes for the show to start. Sure, it took them longer to give MILLIE a standing ovation, but considering how long it took them to find their seats before hand and to pee at intermission, that’s to be expected.

Theatre West, Nebraska

Theatre West, Nebraska (where I directed SPAMALOT) just ended their season for the summer. Thanks to all who were a part of that special production. ‘Til next time, always look on the bright side of life!

Current and Upcoming Shows

Last night I opened SPAMALOT for Theatre West. Tomorrow I start rehearsing HAMLET for MaineStage. I will absolutely miss the wonderful people and seeing audience responses in Nebraska, but I am really excited to start working with the talented friends who make up the company in beautiful Kennebunk, ME.

Best Compliment of the Week

“Through email and when we talked on the phone I could tell you knew your stuff. Then when I met you I thought you were crazy. So I knew you would be a good director.” Angela SteinerMusic Director, SPAMALOT.


I will be directing Jay Ben Markson, Richard Rice Alan and James Rees in Erich Goldstein’s play TESTAMENTAL HEALTH for this year’s 15 Minute Play Festival. ‘Should be a hoot!

The Southeastern Theatre Conference

James spent the weekend adjudicating Community Theatre productions at the Southeastern Theatre Conference. Congratulations to Golda’s Balcony who will go on to represent the southeast at Nationals.

Richmond Family Magazine review of THE TEMPEST

Reviewed by Tony Farrell If only every dad could be so lucky. You wear your magic cloak, you wield your magic staff, and everyone in the neighborhood is bent to your wild-eyed will. The mail is never late, and the kids stay off your lawn. Best of all, your cosmic powers keep that teenage hunk…

Richmond Times Dispatch preview article on THE TEMPEST

It’s got magic. And fairies. And monsters. And young lovers. It’s got a really, really big storm. What more could a kid ask for? But this isn’t your average Disney movie or the latest animated adventure from Pixar. This is Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” the famous comedy-romance that has been gracing world stages for 500 years.…